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Another Pulse escapee here. ANews is almost there, however there are some issues worth noting. The battery drain issue pointed out by several other reviewers is huge (yuge?). The obsessive auto-run video adds is frustrating, and of course going to the add opt-out links per site is ridiculous and does nothing. Having to tap 3 times to actually get to an article seems de-evolved in terms of available technology. The app is often really, really slow to refresh and the information can be days if not weeks old. Some of my selections havent updated in months. Smaller images and more info on the home page would be a welcome addition. Too many grey boxes with no clue as to what lurks behind them. I loved Pulses pages and would like to see that as well. All this being said, I still use the app several times every day. It works. With patience I eventually get to what Im after. Bottomline, for me anyway, is that ANews is handicapped by primitive technology.

Bem legal

Mt bom conheci p feed no flipboard eh forma diferente de acessar info


Very useful application



Awesome app

I luv this app for keeping up to date with news and/or my favorite blogs!! Highly recommend!!

Very good app

Very good application: easy to use, allows to save news to read it later or share. My favorite news reader!

Great way to get the news

Best news app for what I was looking for!

One of the best news apps

This is my favorite

Like it!

Its one of the the best apps made!


My most used news app!

Not too happy

I am not able to access anything on this app. Please fix it

One of the best out there

I have tried a few aggregators and this one stands out. Ease of use and presentation of items is what makes this app great.


Very friendly to use - perfect app!

The best news app


Promising, but unstable

Crashes before I can even complete setup...

Pulse replacement

Laying in bed I am always upset how LinkedIn ruined my favorite iPhone app pulse news reader. This is a very promising replacement.

Almost There!

For any Pulse users upset about the LinkedIn debacle, this is really close to being as good as the original news aggregator. The news feeds are laid out in rows for that streamlined review, and there is a nice page-over swipe effect when moving through articles in the rows, but there are some bugs here. For example, MacWorld articles must be entered as an RSS feed, and RSS feeds do not have seem to have thumbnail images associated, so I cant quickly spot my favorite pieces like "The Macalope." Also, for some reason the RSS feeds start duplicating the articles in the row of previews. An option to open articles with Safari would also be nice (with the option to go back to pulse for ios9 users). Furthermore, I would prefer if they made the article thumbnails slightly smaller to allow more than two article thumbnails on each row before you must scroll to the right. I do like the more Flipboard-esque approach of swiping over to the next set of articles in a row. It is a cleaner approach in my opinion. Really nice work here and I hope you continue to develop this app to be a full replacement for the many disgruntled Pulse users who are looking for that experience elsewhere.

Thank you ANews!

I stumbled upon your news app while reading reviews of another news app. Like many other faithful Pulse app users, I was kicked out of my app the other day (with NO warning!) and hopelessly lost. I tried many different apps and was extremely unhappy... Then I stumbled upon yours... Thank you!! Its very close (but not the same) as what I was used to previously. I just wish there was a way to shut off the categories you assign to the feeds. Im not viewing entire categories, I hand picked the feeds I view by name... Seeing your categorization of them is distracting... If rather see the feed name there instead... Fix that and you get 5 stars. Love the app!

F U linkin, hello Anews~

Yup, totally, glad you found the new news cafe, enjoy~

Love it

Best news app Ive found since Linkedin ruined pulse.

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